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Vista Virtual Sunday School Jim Ahrend Aug 19, 2020


Arts & the Bible for K–5

Beginning on August 30th, we will be offering new online activities for children, youth, and their families to share in together. Our amazing education team is preparing weekly biblical lessons that are relevant to life in today's world – with music, art, and other creative ways of learning and growing a relationship with God in Jesus Christ. Video companions to each lesson will be available each week; the first video will be available on Friday, 28 August, and you can get ready by bookmarking the playlist: click here


Introductory letters will be sent out soon with specific details about what to expect, how to access the lessons, and the supplies you will need for each week. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to email the Education Ministry at [email protected].


Book: The Kregel Pictorial Guide to Everyday Life in Bible Times by Tim Dowley


The Song: Books of the Bible Song OT by Seth and Craig Anderson  (from




Lesson 58


Lesson 57


Lesson 56


Lesson 55


Lesson 54


Lesson 53


Lesson 52


Lesson 51


Lesson 50


Lesson 49


Lesson 48


Lesson 47


Lesson 46


Lesson 45


Lesson 44


Lesson 43


Lesson 42


Lesson 41


Lesson 40


Lesson 39


Lesson 38


Lesson 37


Lesson 36


Lesson 35


Lesson 34


Lesson 33


Lesson 32 Easter


Lesson 31


Lesson 30


Lesson 29


Lesson 28


Lesson 27


Lesson 26


Lesson 25


Lesson 24


Lesson 23


Lesson 22


Lesson 21


Lesson 20


Lesson 19


Lesson 18


Lesson 17


Lesson 16


Lesson 15


Lesson 14


Lesson 13


Lesson 12


Lesson 11


Lesson 10


Lesson 9


Lesson 8


Lesson 7


Lesson 6


Lesson 5


Lesson 4


Lesson 3


Lesson 2


Lesson 1





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